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Moore is playing well overall. Seems about average in coverage, and above average in run support. For not being a large Safety, his run support and instincts are actually pretty fantastic. He leads the team in tackles..

And it's not like all his tackles are 20 yards down the field, he is often able tp run up tp the line of scrimmage in time to help keep the runner to a short gain. Dawkins was the last guy we had to play that way, safe to say he made an impact on Rahim's mentality, concerning Rahim was looked at as a deep safety coming out of college, one that would rarely come up and help against the run, much less effectively than he is doing so currently.

Heck, did you guys see that screen play he blew up Sunday? I thought that was fantastic. Best part is, he's barely 22, and I wager that he will continue to improve, and could very well be a pro bowl caliber player in 2013.
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