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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
He came here because he had experience running the no huddle and calling plays at the line. We have a QB that needs those things right? Before Manning signed Denver landed ONE FA, after Manning we landed 4 to 5 starters. Jets signed starters prior to trading for Tebow and signed no starters after. Translation no one wants to go to the circus anymore.
We put our entire offseason FA program on hold pending Manning's decision because we needed every nickel available to throw at the guy if we got in a bidding war. Manning tugged taffy while other teams signed FAs.

Additionally, FA is heavy on front end action. Manning is unique for a number of reasons, not least of which because he took so much time to make his decision. Most teams had gone through their big name targets in FA well before Manning made his decision and our decision to finalize a Tebow trade came subsequent to that. Again, how much or little this impacted the Jets' offseason strategy only you can say but the Jets did make moves after the Tebow trade, signing FAs.

4 of the top 25 FA signings of 2012 came on or after March 21, the date of the Tebow trade. The other 21 happened prior to that date. 7 of the next 25 came on or before March 21 so a total of 11 of the top 50 FA signings happened on or after the March 21 trade date of Tebow. Point, top FA signings typically happen early.
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