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Mays needs to be a role player. Quite frankly, I am surprised he even got this much of a shot in the NFL. I knew he could be a situational guy or special teamer, but for him to be a starter was beyond me. When you have guys from small schools who never have the ability to get into the NFL schooling you in the passing game (WR or TE) in a D-I AA program, odds are that isn't going to change in the NFL. Always will be a fan since he went to NDSU where I did, but that doesn't change the fact that he has a lot of weaknesses on the football field.

Last Sunday's game exposed everything Mays does wrong on the field, whether it is making the right adjustments or just flat out stinking in coverage. No way in Hell should a 5'11 ILB ever have to cover Gronkowski down the field. It is a hopeless battle. Gronk was already two steps or three steps behind Mays a second after the play starter. Just sad.
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