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I'll lower from an A- to a B+, but thats it.

His drops and route running are fine, in line with other very good receivers.

The fumbles lowered the grade from an A+ to an A- and now a B+. You gotta remember, his role is to be the home run hitter and up until today they probably didn't address his fumbling issue for fear of him being more passive and not trying to take it to the house. I don't forsee any more fumbles this season for him.

He by far and away is the best receiver we have had since Rod Smith in his prime.

Marshall was good, but his character issues, drops and lack of speed put him below DT.

And before Rod Smith who was better than DT is right now? No one.

Do his fumbles need to stop? YES!

But, with Willis, FumBall, Moreno, and Decker all doing the same, I'd say this is more of a coaching issue.

Say what you will, but I will not lower the grade below B+. Anyone lower than a B is being too critical, especially considering the lack of talent we have had at the position, EVER.
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