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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I hope they trade KM to anyone. I would be happy for a 7th. The dude hasn't been active for the last 3 weeks, he is doing us no good in street clothes. I said this in other threads, I fear they are hanging on to him just for insurance should Willis or Ronnie go down for an extended period.

His contract is cheap this year but it inflates next year, no one will want him at the $ he is to be paid next year. I am afraid if we don't trade him before the deadline we will be forced to cut him at the end of the year and get nothing for him.
If you'd be "happy with a 7th", then why not keep him as insurance? Worst case scenario, as you point out, is we have to cut him at the end of the year. A 7th is really no better than an undrafted FA and isn't worth us HAVING to put Ball and Hillman out there full time if anything further happens to McGahee.
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