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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by kent156 View Post
but did'nt jack del rio compare him to Sam Mills so it can't be too bad right?
I think Elway was hoping that Mays and KM would play above their expectations this year.

I am guessing Elway would have gone with a LB with our 2nd round pick if they knew PM was healthy or would look as good as he has so far. I think the Oss pick was insurance if PM's neck flared up.

They had too many things to overhaul this year so they went with the known quantity rather than try to desperately reach on someone who might be worse.

I do wish they would move KM and get some sort of pick for him while his contract is appealing for his new team. I fear they are going to keep him around for insurance incase Willis or Ronnie get hurt and we end up having to cut KM next year because his deal is backloaded.
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