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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
He has not played at anything but an Average level overall. He has failed to make too many plays when given plenty of chances and has not made any game changing FAVORABLE plays, while making more than few negative ones.

That, by definition, is playing and executing at an average NFL level to this point. He does have nice numbers to this point, but those numbers have not translated to Wins and conversely he has contributed to the losses way too much.

The good here does not outweigh the bad performance wise. In fact, they cancel each other out IMHO.
I hear ya. I just think the production (2nd most receiving yards, tied for 11th most catches) outweighs enough of the mistakes to land him an above average grade. But y'all have convinced me that he probably deserves a B instead of and A! I'm probably guilty of over-weighting the most recent game where he was fantastic. I understand the demerits for the fumble in the Pats game but that was a near perfect play by the defender and I have a hard time faulting him for it very much.
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