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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Right?!? I don't see how anyone could even consider giving him a C. That's just silly. A B? Okay, understandable. But a C means average and he's way above average. Come on, people. I give anyone who gives him a C or lower an F. You've failed at logic and reasoning.
I rarely disagree with you, but here is one I definitely do. He has not played at anything but an Average level overall. He has failed to make too many plays when given plenty of chances and has not made any game changing FAVORABLE plays, while making more than few negative ones.

That, by definition, is playing and executing at an average NFL level to this point. He does have nice numbers to this point, but those numbers have not translated to Wins and conversely he has contributed to the losses way too much.

The good here does not outweigh the bad performance wise. In fact, they cancel each other out IMHO.

In order to explain this better, look at his DYAR and DVOA levels to date. He is ranked 24th in the league in DYAR and 35th in the league in DVOA after 4 games. His 24th ranking in DYAR means he is the 24th most valuable WR in the league who qualifies and the 35th most valuable WR per play. Both are below average for a #1 WR. By contrast Decker is 9th in DYAR and 23rd in DVOA. Stokely is 15th in DYAR and 3rd, yes 3rd, in DVOA.

That makes Thomas the third best WR on the team in performance to date. Not the third best WR, but the third in performance to date.

That is what I am talking about, and hopefully he has nowhere to go but up that list as he gets more ball security and makes more catches when given opportunities.

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