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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Good examples, but they're just instances of a larger problem.

Cake and eating it too, imo. You want a thumper MLB? Need other guys that can cover. You want a pass rushing OLB? Need other guys that can cover. Now no one is ****ing left that can cover!

The only remedy is to sit in nickle looks with Von at DE and be light that way along with placing extremely low-pedigree players on the field against premier match-ups or to pop in a dime look and beg Ridley to take the ball uncontested for the first 5... which he did.
There are days I miss Al Wilson and this is one of them. He will forever be one of the most underrrated MIKE's in NFL history to me. Played with horrible DT's, still made a lot of run stuffing tackles. Played without a decent pass rush for most of his career, still covered slot receiver 30-40 yards down the field and MADE plays! Not many MIKE's like AL ever in the NFL, but he did not play on great defenses and will never get credit for the HOF caliber player he was for DEN.

I agree on the lack of interior coverage issues. I still think DEN has good outside CB's, but I do not trust the LB's and Safeties in either zone or man. They blow their techniques and make slow, stupid, poor situational decisions way too often. Can not do that against 4 of the top 5 QB's on third downs in the NFL and expect to win games.
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