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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post

I've said this before in a couple other threads, but this point itself could have really deserved its own thread discussion. Say what you want about McD raping our organization, but the guy is changing the way the NFL works again. I have never, ever seen a no huddle sustained with that kind of speed and accuracy in the NFL - ever. It allowed the Pats to keep us constantly off guard and unprepared. I still don't even understand how they called the plays so quickly unless they have already predetermined those plays based on down, distance, and progress. It was truly beautiful to watch.

The only thing that will overcome the Pats new scheme is winning the one on one battles, even when you are tired and unprepared. We just lack a few key pieces to do this against the Patriots. Also, Brady had a "near perfect" day on those quick passes. A little less accuracy, and we also win.

When they slowed things down to a traditional pace, we actually did ok, and Vickerson ate them up inside. However, the pace kept us totally unprepared, wonded, and out of position. It was masterful.
here's how: link
link courtesy of IAOFM.

ETA: I'd rather give credit to Belichick for being innovative and doing some of the college stuff rather than his snot-nosed underling punk.
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