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Mays has been in on 96% of defensive snaps....

and burned on 92% of plays.

It's absolutely ridiculous that Mays stays on the field in obvious passing situations. He can't cover. At all. Every RB, TE, FB he's tried to cover has got the best of him and converted some big plays.

He was thought to be a solid tackler and big hitter in the run game, but I have never seen it. His instincts are terrible. He's a downhill mike that just guesses which gap to hit. As soon as the RB notices Mays crashing inside, he just bounces outside for a 10yd gain...Don't even get me started on Mays biting on play action way too often...

The only reason that I can think of to justify the coaches keeping him in is for playcalling. The MLB is usually responsible for giving the play to the rest of the D, and getting them aligned correctly. I looked for it, and sure enough Mays is the player that has the green dot on his helmet. That's a serious indictment on the intelligence of the rest of the linebackers though if Mays is the best option to get the defense set. He sucks at lining them up and tipping plays. Brooking was 10x better, and he has only been here for a few weeks.
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