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I was watching at a sports bar, so i didn't get to hear any commentary and my observations are likely off... but here's what I saw:

Pats were gashing us because our DL wasn't in a 3 point stance at the snap, and therefore were easily pushed away. I've got two reasons why DL wasn't down - either or both could be true:

1) we were thinking pass and going with the "amoeba" pr "psycho" front, standing all front 7 up to confuse the OL as to where the rush is coming from. IIRC, we saw some of this vs oakland, makes sense that JDR added it after the Atlanta game.

2) we weren't ready for pat's quick pace - Brady was deliberately snapping the ball before our guys were set.

I know 2) happened, as evidence by the 14 men on the field penalty. What I'm not sure of is if we got burned getting cute with the psycho fronts. anyone else notice this?
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