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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Saturday is all you got He is really saving Rodgers. He landed us Dan Koppen instead down play that ha ha ha ha

That is the only part of that deflection of a post I even read.
Saturday was the most widely reported FA "Get" the Broncos were using Manning to ink and he packed his bags for money. Not a big deal, it is the way but your assertion that players buck money for the opportunity to play for God, Country, and Manning is retarded and unsubstantiated and Saturday is the glowing example of how your thesis fails and fails hard.

Koppen, like Stokely, was sitting around sucking farts out of used furniture when his phone rang. Pop quiz hotshot, you're sitting on your couch eating Cheetos and massaging your Hateboner when the phone rings and it is ANY NFL team asking you to come in to play. What do you do?

Again, give me your list.
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