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Right?!? I don't see how anyone could even consider giving him a C. That's just silly. A B? Okay, understandable. But a C means average and he's way above average. Come on, people. I give anyone who gives him a C or lower an F. You've failed at logic and reasoning.
Dude, WR's don't touch the ball every other play. It takes most elite WR years to accumulate 2 or 3 lost fumbles. You'd have to count every game since 2009 to find as many Megatron fumbles as DT just put up in 5 games. Same with Welker. Big Larry hasn't lost a regular season fumble since 2007.

I'm sure he'll improve, but as everyone's said for weeks, turnovers are huge. You can't give a pass to any of the guys handing them out. Especially when it's not a guy who's seeing the ball every play.
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