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Malik Jackson

Thomas is improving each game by leaps and bounds. His route running especially. Manning and he are getting better chemistry. He makes plays.

That being said, he is way too inconsistent to be given an A or B right now. Games can turn on a few plays here and there and when he fails to make plays when they are there or fumbles away a big play he just made, those count against him. It's not a big play if you turn the ball over to the other team! It was until you lost it, but he did lose them and he did fail to make more than a handful of first down catches as well.

He is a very good Number one WR, who needs to step up his consistency to be a dominant player in this league. Like so many WR's, no one questions his talent and ability. We question his ability to execute with the game on the line. That is a completely different talent. One he needs to work on a lot harder....

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