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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Haha, I'll PM you to catch-up in a bit.
I just watched the Patriots first half, I was out of town all last weekend.

I'll tell you what, the playcalling was ok, but the situational awareness was AWFUL against the best situation offense in the league. The hurry up offense NE ran not only made the defense tired physically, but mentally they were flat out non-existent.

1. They ran a zone dog away from the receiver strength and 2 guys were covering dead space and letting the TE Gronk catch a quick hot read and pick up 12 yards. That play would have been tremendous if they simply flipped it toward the strength of the formation. Mays blew the adjustment call.

2. 3rd and 15 they play man cover two. Safety Adams drops 30 yards with no receiver in a pattern to his side of the field. Instead of stepping up or inside he is still backpedaling when Mays misses Woodhead at the LOS. He was in NO position to make a play ANYWHERE on the field to stop a first down. Mays blows the coverage there as well, letting Woodhead get behind him on a third and long.

3. On Welkers TD, he fakes stalk blocking Harris and then runs an out pattern. Harris turns his head in man coverage and looks for the run! Welker walks in uncontested for the TD.

That's just few samples of the boneheaded lack of decision making skills DEN's Defense showed against NE. Guys blew coverages, the DL was playing read and react fronts way too much in the first half, the safeties were not playing situational football etc. We played stupid and reactionary way too much in the first half for me.
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