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The 3rd and 14 was Joe Mays at his best.

Just watched it again. When you detach yourself from it emotionally and just watch it from an analytical point of view it's actually quite hilarious.

Mays has man coverage on Woodhead. Woodhead stays in to pass protect at first, then moves out into the flat for a checkdown. For reasons I can't quite figure out, Mays runs directly at Woodhead and seems to attempt to block him.

I say block because it's not really a tackle... it looks a bit like he tries to play press coverage on Woodhead, despite the fact that the play has already been going on for about three seconds and Woodhead is running towards him already.

Anyway, Woodhead manages to overcome the shock of being confronted by such a ridiculous move and saunters by a stunned Mays and into enough space to complete an easy pass with a ton of open space in front of him.

All the guy has to do is keep Woodhead in front of him and he'll be fine. If Brady hits him with a checkdown then tackle him for the 6 yard gain and send the punting unit out there.

Instead of getting the ball back with three minutes on the clock and down by 7 (likely with decent field position too) it's 1st and 10 for the Pats close to midfield.

Idiot cannonball indeed, I genuinely hate watching him play on our defense.
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