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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Curious to know how many people you've got on your ignore list before you started this thread.

I don't like it when someone calls "Champ" as "Chump," but it's editorial. More than the editorial, however, I'd like to see more analysis of why a fan would editorialize as such - and to that end, I've asked him to do so. My first instinct is not to ban for editorial - but at some point empty editorializing becomes trolling. So we'll see...

Discussions aren't typically about everyone agreeing with each other.
Calling Champ Chump is one thing

Calling Champ "lazy for the last 4-5 years" was the most ignorant statement I have ever read on this board. When you don't get thrown at except 2-3 times a game and still have the mental makeup to stay in the game on every play Champ would never be called lazy by anyone with .001 % of football IQ.

I would have banned him just on that comment alone. That to me is "empty editorizing" and adds zero value to the board
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