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Originally Posted by HILife View Post
The point is, the sky is not falling.
Never said it was.

Just disputing the notion that it's okay to lose to the teams we lost to because we made it interesting after going down 20 points. We're supposed to be on the other end of this equation.

Arizona beat NE in NE. Jets lost by 6 to Houston last night, but that game was contested throughout. It took Atlanta to kick a FG at the buzzer to beat Carolina at home. We didn't keep those games close. We went down big, scored a couple of TD's to make it interesting, and from this people are patting themselves on the back. Moral victories are for teams rebuilding from the ground up, like Indy is doing, and they just beat the Packers. For me, it's not okay to lose to the good teams, and just win against the lower level teams, because at some point, we're going to lose a game or two that we shouldn't. So yeah, I'm concerned that we've gone down big 3 times this year to start games. If we're supposed to be a contending team, settling for moral victories doesn't cut it, at least not for me anyway.
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