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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
...the MLB did not lose that game last night nor the HOU or ATL game.. we simply got beat by a better team..and costly turn overs was probably the biggest cause..

we could not stop the off tackle runs some past miller, we could not stop Welker and that my friend is not Mays fault nor WWs.. That was lack of pressure from the front four which has been upgraded big time since last year as well as DB issues.. Anyone expecting a LB of any sort to stop Welker is smoking something..

Now I'm not sold on Mays myself but laying all the blame on him and WW for losing that game is silly...
Agree that Mays alone didn't lose the game, and I never said he did. But he was terrible. The Pats killed us with the run and the LB's were a large part of that. Mays is just too slow and he sucks. As I've said multiple times, there's a reason that a team with a pretty good personnel dept let him go despite a weakness at the position. Denver should have done a better job filling that position in the offseason. It's going to kill us all year.
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