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Curious to know how many people you've got on your ignore list before you started this thread.

I don't like it when someone calls "Champ" as "Chump," but it's editorial. More than the editorial, however, I'd like to see more analysis of why a fan would editorialize as such - and to that end, I've asked him to do so. My first instinct is not to ban for editorial - but at some point empty editorializing becomes trolling. So we'll see...

Discussions aren't typically about everyone agreeing with each other.
I agree, but what is funny is the people you only see after loses that really are hear just trolling. No_Broncos, LostKnight are two I can think of. Anyway, I'm not a fan of banning just to ban people. I have not yet figured out how to put someone on ignore. It seems to be beyond my reasoning level.
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