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He got absolutely clowned today. There is a formula that works against the Patriots. Soft cover-2 with lots of slowly developing blitzes up front is not it. You have to play their receivers physically at the point of attack. You have to rely on your front four to get some pressure.

For some reason he thought the opposite of that was going to be an effective approach. Tom Brady killed him.
I thought Denver should have just rushed three players. Doom, Vickerson and Miller everyplay then drop everyone else into coverage. Welker was owning those 1 on 1 crossing routes. Denver would have dropped LBers in the zones they would have been able to pop him good. Plus by doing this you would make Brady hold on ot the ball longer.

All this being said the Pats are a great offensive team who scored 52 points the previous week on the road. Sure it would have been nice to win this game but this game will not define Denver's season.

Next week could though.

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