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Originally Posted by Broncos4tw View Post
Why do people chime in with "Tebow" and "McD-bag" as if this is the problem?

Offense shows signs of improvement. Still getting out slow, but it is simple mistakes screwing us over. Get rid of the mistakes, the offense will be just fine.

Defense is the issue. And it was so vastly ignored by McDumnuts, it will take years to fix. YEARS. People said that when it happened. We needed some top of the line defense players, and he traded for a NE look-alike team that was nothing like the real thing.

You want to know why we are losing? We are 29th in the league in turnover ratio. Against very good teams, you can't lose the turnover battle and win. And we've lost it repeatedly. Turn the lost opportunities into scores, and how close are those games? Yea.. pretty close.

Offense is on the right track. Fix mistakes.. it's all good. Defense shows NO improvement at all. Hold on to our drunkard.. we'll need him badly later this year. That will actually help out, when we are hopefully vying for a playoff spot.
When you play the broncos it's like you get the middle of the field for 20 yards as a defense free zone.

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