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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
No tard we did sign players after Manning signed. It's been talked about to death. Not only did Manning bring in players he turned scrubs under Tebow into pro bowl type player which is just as good as bringing in elite FA talent. Had we kept Tebow we would have signed zero players like the Jets after Tebow was traded for and we would have had to waste more picks on players to replace the guys Tebow drug down to his level. You keep spinning this.
Then clearly these guys spoke about their desire to come to Denver because of Manning. Clearly we signed a big name free agent with numerous suitors chasing after them who came to Denver because of Manning. You have something like that to back your claim up right? Because the guys we did get are just as likely to have come here regardless of QB so long as the FO engaged in a modicum of FA activity.

I don't know what NYJ had as an offseason strategy, nor do I care. In the history of modern FA is there any player that has taken substantively less money to go to a team for the opportunity to play with a particular player? And I am not counting deferred salary/bonuses because that works out to substantive compensation none the less. Because that is what you're saying that these guys, all, some, or one, turned down better money and opportunity to come here because of Manning and I have seen nothing to substantiate that claim and you have provided nothing to back that up. Rather you assert that since we signed other FAs after Manning then clearly those guys came here because of Manning and that is a logical fallacy of the highest order. Then you trump that truckload of stupid by saying that, contrary to damn near every ****ing FA contract in the history of the NFL that players would have actively turned down money and contracts with Denver because of Tebow. If this were remotely true, that players bucked teams because of players, then KC would have ceased to exist a decade ago. Maybe a big name FA could buck a team due to circumstance because he can get the same money elsewhere but the guys we are talking about don't fit that category. Again, maybe you can show me the charity case NFL FA in the modern era that takes a pay cut vs. another offer to play with a certain player but I doubt it and I certainly doubt it as it applies to the 2012 Broncos.

EDIT: Exhibit A, Jeff Saturday. Manning sure landed that lunker for us. Well done dimwit.

Case Closed

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