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But that's not what happened....we went from having arguably the worst passer in the NFL as our QB to one of the all time greats. Look at the numbers offensively for this team against some pretty damn good competition.

Manning on pace for 4822 yards and 35 TD's....our two starting TE's and new 3rd WR on pace to nab 150 passes for 1404 yards and 19 TD's to go with McGahee on pace for 1203 yards rushing yards ad 10 TD's. Add in Decker and Thomas looking to snare 186 passes too for 2739 yards and 13 TD's combined.

How you can even seriously think this team isn't better is beyond me.

For the last time. I will go through this step by step. Slowly.

The expensive shirt represents Manning. The pigeon is Belichick. The Horse is the current CBA. And your balls represent America's foreign policy as it pertains to the far east in the late 1970's.

How can you not understand this? Are you just jerking my chain or something?
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