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Originally Posted by menonite View Post
Let's try again. Lets say you have an important speech to make. And you want to look your best. So you go to buy a suit. You find an awesome looking blue shirt...but you're not sure blue is really your color. You buy it anyway. Well now you are going to need some pants to go with that shirt, but you are so worried about that "blue" thing that you decide to by another shirt just in case. It's pretty plain and costs a bit and it doesn't really fit but someday you may lose some weight and it will look great on you.

Now you're broke and your standing in front of an auditorium full of people with no pants because you spent all of your money on a second shirt that you will never be able to squeeze your hairy moobs into. . On the bright side the blue shirt looks awesome. On the other hand, it totally clashes with your balls.

I can't make it any clearer than that.
But that's not what happened....we went from having arguably the worst passer in the NFL as our QB to one of the all time greats. Look at the numbers offensively for this team against some pretty damn good competition.

Manning on pace for 4822 yards and 35 TD's....our two starting TE's and new 3rd WR on pace to nab 150 passes for 1404 yards and 19 TD's to go with McGahee on pace for 1203 yards rushing yards ad 10 TD's. Add in Decker and Thomas looking to snare 186 passes too for 2739 yards and 13 TD's combined.

How you can even seriously think this team isn't better is beyond me.
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