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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
Which impact FAs came to Denver after signing Manning? Caldwell? Dreesen? Tamme? Jason Hunter? Bannan? Stokely? Florence? Anthony Perkins?

Help me out here. where is the FA acquisition that doesn't happen without Manning? Which of these blockbuster, all pro players looked at their opportunities and said, "yeah, Manning is where I wanna go?"

The answer is none of them because anybody of any caliber signed elsewhere while Peyton was tugging his taffy for two weeks. Solid move for a guy who clearly has time on his side.
What other free agent could have improved this team as much as Manning himself?

Mario Williams? b**** please! He's not doing a lot in Buffalo...he's got 1.5 sacks total on pace for a 4.5 sack season...who else would've improved this team without Manning as our QB?

Manning has 11 TD's in 5 games, that's just one less than Tebow had in 11 games, and only 9 fewer than our entire team had all of last season. He's on pace to throw for 4822 yards 35 TD's and only 10 INT's. Now I'm not saying you're stupid if you think that signing him alone hasn't improved this team immensely, but wouldn't you have to be?

Tamme, Stokely and Dreesen are on pace to catch a collective 150 total passes for 1404 yards and 19 TD's. Add in the defensive signings of Porter who sealed one of our wins, and Adams who's on pace for 109 tackles.

Now if you honestly think that these three guys would have signed with us had Manning not been here, and that they would be producing those kind of numbers with Tebow as our QB, well then I don't know what to tell you. but i know it can't be fixed.
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