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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Ok let's venture there....I'm curious which FA's would these guys have signed had we not signed Manning and kept Tebow...and do you truly think the end result would have been different?
I don't why you're asking me to answer for other people, but okay....

Guys like Tulloch/Lofton would've been a huge upgrade to our largest area of need. Then you have All-Pros who are the tops of their positions in weak areas for Denver with Carl Nicks and Reggie Wayne.

You could've gotten all three of the above AND Michael Bush for Peyton's price tag.

To me, Peyton is the GOAT and I've defended him against accusations of:

- ****ty teammate that throws his OL under the bus
- Only wants money
- Can't win the big one


...but I can see the Devil's Advocate argument for sure. Especially at this age. We don't have time to gel. A QB who's closer to 40 than 30 means "Win now" and we're still 2-3 regardless of how rough our competition has been.
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