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Originally Posted by menonite View Post
Favre was hinting around that he was about to hang it up. It made sense to find his eventual replacement.

Elway brought Manning in to win now. Shouldn't they do whatever is necessary to make that happen?

It's like needing a car. So you go out and buy a Maserati. And then instead of buying gas for it, you go out and buy a horse . Now it would be awesome and totally worth it if that horse turned out to be the next Seabiscuit, but in the meantime your stuck with a stalled Maserati sitting in the driveway with a pigeon that looks a little like Bill Belichick crapping all over it.

I've completely lost track of my analogy...

At least Elway got rid of that station wagon with the bumper sticker.

Peyton was coming off a major injury and is 36....which was the reason why a lot of posters were whining when they signed it would make sense to draft his eventual replacement too correct?

Well the first thing they did to achieve the goal of winning now was sign Manning....unless you think we would have been closer not signing Manning, and keeping Tebow while drafting defense and signing FA's. As for the moves they have made, they upgraded our TE's, drafted RB depth and a potential HR hitter in Hillman, drafted a DT in Wolfe, our secondary by signing Porter and Adams.

and your analogy is confusing....maybe it's me. I guess you were trying to say what good does it do for us to have a HoF QB and much better offense if the defense sucks...well, I guess about as much as an improved defense would be with the same stone age 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense
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