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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
What's funny to see is during preseason predictions 9 out of 10 OMers predicted a loss this week in their season predictions. Now it's emotional hysterics. I'd rather have them lose because of self inducing errors than get blown out when playin their best. 18-1 at home in October for pats. It was expected.
True enough, the Pats hit their mid-season stride two games ago and were in sync all around at home yesterday. But we played them tough the last quarter and were literally two completed plays away (three if you count the McGahee easy dropped pass on 4th and 1) from likely winning this thing as it was.

If Willis keeps both hands on the ball on that last run, which is how he started out the run with the ball totally wrapped up, we get 7 on that drive for sure, and had a VERY good chance for an on-sides kick recovery based on doing so well at that the last few years since Prater has been kicking them.

We get that onsides kick back when down only 3 and there is no way BRady gets the ball back and no way the Pats were stopping Manning and company at that point.

It took US to stop ourselves, even after the terrible 3rd down production on defense and the monster rush yards allowed. We still made a real game of it!

That is something to build on and few, if any, other teams on our schedule will be able to run the no-huddle with the speed and efficiency as we saw Brady run it at home last night.

Brees and NO might come close on offense, if we make no improvements in coverage and pressure on 3rd downs by then, though no doubt we will. However, that game is at Mile High, not the Superdome and their defense is a true sieve.

We do need to take care of business next Monday night and go into the bye in sole possession of first place in the division, having the tie breaker San Diego.

In any event, these clowns on the mane now that are b****in' and moanin' like the little pussies they so obviously are, are meaningless and contribute little of value here in any event. Don't pay them any attention at all .. that's what 'ignore' is for.

We could add a rule that if a given relative newbie poster earns a certain large number of 'ignores' from the bulk of long time loyal OMers, then they are toast. That might be one way to deal with the more obvious and obnoxious little whiners? But otherwise, just ignore them and they will shrivel up and blow away to greener pastures at some point.

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