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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Every single person (in this thread and elsewhere) who claims Tebow can't possibly ever be a great passer is an idiot. Period. Not because they are wrong (no one really knows one way or the other), but because they have absolutely no understanding of how QB's are developed at the professional level. They look at Tebow and see his struggles in the passing game and have zero comprehension of what lies behind it. Instead they choose to be willfully lazy intellectually. Tebow faced the following adversities coming out of college, any of which could derail any young QB's development:

1) Drafted by a head coach who is then fired before he even gets on the field.

2) Started in his rookie year under an interim head coach with an ad-libbed strategy to finish the season.

3) Was never shown any faith by the coaching staff that took over, and was forced to adapt to a very traditional pro style passing offense (this is not referring to the option elements, but the heavy use of pro formations and timing routes) despite having a Spread QB background with little to no experience in many of the traditional pro-style concepts he was forced to try to master overnight with...

4) ...a truncated offseason in which to learn his second offense in two years and no reps with the starters despite claims of an open competition.

5) And let's not even mention receivers and lineman that were as raw and underdeveloped as himself to work with, and an OC that even struggles to call plays that work for Peyton Manning.

No, the mental midgets just look at his completion percentage and say he is hopeless, without once considering what he was being asked to overcome. It's intellectual laziness at it's worst, and those of us who argued that his intangibles and athleticism warranted more coaching and development time are treated with scorn and called "Teboners". Truth be told, I have rarely seen such rampant stupidity save during political discussions. It has been a very saddening experience. Now carry on OM, carry on.
Great post but don't expect a response...too factual.
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