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I think some of this thread points to how crummy of a pick Osweiler was. It's not like Brock is not good, but we have far more pressing needs (MLB) than picking up a 3-4 year project (didn't we already have Tebow for this?). If we are truly in win now mode, Elway should not have used such a high pick for his protege.

Now we have a nice high pick riding the pine for a few years while we get to watch Mays run around with his head up his ass.
Brock Osweiler is not good. He is in fact the opposite of good. Someday he may be good, but really it is a fact that in the present he is not good. And the big problem there is that supposedly we are trying to win now, so really we had no business using a 2nd round pick on a guy who is years away from maybe possibly being good. You can get players in the 2nd round who are good now. You can certainly get a MLB in the 2nd round who would be better than Joe ****ing Mays. Most likely a lot better (mediocre would probably be a lot better to be honest).
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