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Julius "Fluff"

Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
And you're still following me around like a 16 year old girl with a crush.

And you have a much stronger and unhealthy obsession with Tebow than anybody on this board. Like a 16 year old girl with a crush. Really, just let it go man.

I know you're cool with a defense that gets gashed and violated at will but that just isn't going to cut it in Peyton's Place. Peyton was brought in to win a SB and the club ignored multiple, glaring holes to land the guy. That's fine, they get to make the call but they also should be held accountable. I understand that gets in the way of your crush and thus generates significant amounts of butthurt for you so I don't blame you for lashing out. It is somewhat comical at this point.
the famous you follow me around on a MESSAGE BOARD post.
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