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We have issues at LB for sure. I wonder if DJ coming back will help it any - Williams at least is better in coverage and at tackling than Mays. But the D held up and played well against Oakland, Pitt, and Atlanta.

New England put up 30 on Baltimore. The Ravens were way better against the run, but I think the Broncos did a little more than the Ravens in the pass game.

Continuity is key in the league - the biggest problem is not talent - but rather scheme and consistency in coaching. Think about the good defenses in the league - most of them have had consistent coaching and schemes. I believe all of our own jobs would be more difficult if we had a new boss every year that wanted our jobs completed in a completely different way with new terminology.

Given our schedule - I think the Broncos have been decent. Of course I think they could play better but at least we're competitive against the best teams in the league and only a couple plays from winning some of those games. Two years ago McD - it would be a prayer if we could keep up with the top teams - at least now we think we can win. I want better results just like any fan - but this season has been fun even with the losses - I like seeing that we're competitive once again.
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