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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Yes because that's what he meant. He saw the fumble and said, hmm, I want to write a book. Or perhaps if you knew anything about Hemingway, you'd know the man committed suicide and is more likely a reference to that.

Personally I thought it was a very witty way of phrasing an over dramatic statement of being driven to suicidal thoughts by a bad football play.

And it is even funnier to me given the OM's meltdown and how many threads are cropping up that make it seem like posters are enmasse pulling Hemingways.
I know a lot about him read most of his books, drank at his bar in the keys.. Yes I knew about the suicide.. Just did not think it was funny..

most kiddies take these things way to seriously.. they are not getting paid to play, coach of GM the team OR unless they are dumb enough bet and LOSE money on the game, all they have invested is some time on Sundays..

OM after a loss is like 400 women just before their time of the month..

Should be an area (rants) for posting stupid crap, that rational posters do not have to venture into to get quality info about the game or team..
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