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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
He's been solid this year. Some mistakes he needs to clean up for sure but when I watch the games, he's getting all the yards that are there to be had and then some with nice physical running after contact. 2 reasons why you would want to search for a new back.

1) when you see lanes there in tape and the runner can't find them and doesn't have good feel on timing and how to use blocking (see Lance Ball).

2) Mistakes - a consistent display of mistakes. If they don't make the right call on blitz pick up, turning the ball over, dropping passes.

I'd say we have no problem with #1. I don't think anybody could argue McGahee has great vision and feel for running. He's had some mistakes as far as fumbles. Some bad timing on some of them and he certainly can clean that area up. I haven't seen him drop too many passes this year so I don't think that's an issue. I think people are just over reacting to that dropped pass in last game.
Look at it this way Walton had a all off season to stew in that brew... Our RB will get some of these crap heads off him probably next week.

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