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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Interesting thing I learned about Stockholm when I was there earlier this year, they have the highest per capita single, educated, financially independent women. I wonder if the education factor plays at any way into tossing dudes to the curb when done with them. tee hee

I fell in love with the place, but I was there in decent weather, chilly but not blinding winter or anything (having been to Norway in winter I can guess Sweden is somewhat similar).

At any rate brother, finally finished the book, actually while I was in Sweden in April. It was a fun book. it make me cry, made me laugh, punch some strangers, it was brilliant.

Seriously though, good stuff. Now I will follow up by writing you a review on Amazon. I only wish I had the paper copy someday you could sign it. hard to sign an Ipad.

and next is reading Rev's book, but I feel like with your book I could drink a nice Belgian beer or a wine, but with Rev I feel like it might require something more butch like single malt whiskey or something.

Thanks again. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the read, particularly the gratuitous nudity.
Thanks! Means a lot that you read and enjoyed! The book has performed pretty well and has given me some extra cash for more traveling. I really need to finish the draft for my next novel, which is much diff.

And thanks for an amazon review!! those always help
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