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Wes Welker

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
As someone that just went to Stockholm this summer, I think visiting Sweden is sure to cause any life-crisis (quarter if you're my age, eight if you're younger, doesn't matter). The women are like sirens that stay beautiful even on close examination and they want to sleep with you and then kick you to the curb next day. Fine by me.

I'll try to pick it up. Congratulations Bret the hitman Sills Ellis.
Interesting thing I learned about Stockholm when I was there earlier this year, they have the highest per capita single, educated, financially independent women. I wonder if the education factor plays at any way into tossing dudes to the curb when done with them. tee hee

I fell in love with the place, but I was there in decent weather, chilly but not blinding winter or anything (having been to Norway in winter I can guess Sweden is somewhat similar).

At any rate brother, finally finished the book, actually while I was in Sweden in April. It was a fun book. it make me cry, made me laugh, punch some strangers, it was brilliant.

Seriously though, good stuff. Now I will follow up by writing you a review on Amazon. I only wish I had the paper copy someday you could sign it. hard to sign an Ipad.

and next is reading Rev's book, but I feel like with your book I could drink a nice Belgian beer or a wine, but with Rev I feel like it might require something more butch like single malt whiskey or something.

Thanks again. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the read, particularly the gratuitous nudity.
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