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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Lavonte went the pick after Broz in the 2nd round. And unlike Broz, he was projected by some to go as early as the 1st.

He fell to us and was an incredible value. But we took the early-round swing instead on a backup QB that wouldn't have been taken for another round at least.

Now no draft is a sure thing. But the Pats exposed our defense for what it was last year. It's no surprise that we've got holes that need filled. We didn't get it done. What we did get was a rook QB who might have a year or two left on his contract when the time comes for him to play. And you can't put a price on that, amirite?
last year they exposed everyone and so far this year also..

Getting beat by a better team is not worth pissing and moaning about..

I'd do the potential FQB in the third round any day over a maybe LB..

the draft is a crap shoot.. in any round..

I do not think had David been on the field he would have made any difference in stopping Welker do you?

Most of the bigger runs I remember were off tackle/TE not exactly MLB area..
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