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first of all he must be the backup because the third string guy has been inactive for a few weeks..

PM is not going to be around forever.. unless your drafting in the top 3 your likely not to get a starting QB without some sideline time..

and frankly the likely hood of a third round LB from Nebraska of all places being a big hit, well I like Bo's chances better..

I realize that some would have been content to have quinn as our backup.. But I'm not..
Lavonte went the pick after Broz in the 2nd round. And unlike Broz, he was projected by some to go as early as the 1st.

He fell to us and was an incredible value. But we took the early-round swing instead on a backup QB that wouldn't have been taken for another round at least.

Now no draft is a sure thing. But the Pats exposed our defense for what it was last year. It's no surprise that we've got holes that need filled. We didn't get it done. What we did get was a rook QB who might have a year or two left on his contract when the time comes for him to play. And you can't put a price on that, amirite?
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