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Peyton Hillis

It's hard to believe the hate for McGahee and Thomas in this thread. McGahee basically ran us to the playoffs last year, and has been instrumental in our offense already this year. He **** the bed yesterday, but Manning **** the bed during the first quarter in Atlanta - get over it.

We are still growing as a unit, and we have tremendous potential. Hopefully, we learn from playing these difficult teams and start laying wood on the AFC West. If we don't, it's time to panic...

About Thomas. Who can't see this kid growing week by week? He has made some stupid mistakes, but 188 yards is a significant contribution to yesterday's effort. I'll also add that his route running is definitely improving week by week. He can fix the fumbling very easily, on the other things he has shown significant progress this year.

Beat the Sparkies and all is forgiven.
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