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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Fox is not on the hot seat for 1 single reason more then most.

This team knows Manning only has 2, maybe 3 years. They're not going to fire Fox and bring in a new HC to start over when you have a HOF QB in his last few years. That's too much change. I high doubt McCoy is gone either. At this point people, it comes down to players. Against the best teams in the league this offense has pretty much, minus some turnovers which are not on the coaches, have played well enough to win every single game.

We don't have enough good defensive players and that IS the bottom line. I'm not even saying we need a few more elite defensive players, I'm saying all we need is a few more legit NFL caliber starters on defense, particularly the LB's.
we have lacked on teh D side of the LOS for going ona decade..

Save Champ and Doom. when Josh came to town we had pretty much crap..

8 of the 08 starters for this team were gone in 09 none of them started on another NFL team and some were never heard from again..

all of the Defensive players said that they were tired of being treated like second class citizens .

it takes time to rebuild a team.. you need to get the skill position players first as for the most part they take the longest to get proficient.. rarely does a player other than perhaps a top ten guy come in and make an instant impact..

Most top five DL guys are players and maybe even starters as rookies and some become studs day one.. but most need a year or two to become the player they can be..

Why anyone is calling for a coaches head in year 1.25 of a 3-4 year rebuild is beyond me..
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