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Originally Posted by 40yrpatsfan View Post
For a 10 point final margin, and given how 1 sided it was for a long time, that was a pretty close game. Gotta give props to the Broncos D and Manning for making Patriots fans sweat bullets as the 4th quarter went on. I thought the Pats offense looked as good as it ever has for 3 quarters (Welker and Ridley especially), but your D recovered and made it interesting to say the least. Miller is a beast.

You guys are on the right path and will be tough to deal with in the playoffs.
Thank you.

That offense Brady ran was a well oiled machine. I actually enjoy watching it perform, from a pure football perspective.

Hope by the playoffs Peyton is working on that level!!

Just juxtapose Brady vs Tebow....

hilarious **** there....
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