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I see us losing to the saints, panthers and possibly cincy. I do not see any other teams that will present us problems. I know the ravens are on the list, but I just have this feeling that we are going to kick the ever living piss out of them. And I think we can easily sweep the division. I still fear the raiders more than the chefs and bolts.
Chefs, shut down charles (which is not easy at all I know) and we are good.
Bolts, pressure rivers and dont let gates or mathews beat us, they only have 2 dangerous guys, we can take them.
Raiders, we did it once, one more time for the circle to be complete.
11-5 or 12-4 should likely be our record.
I wouldn't say easily with how we give up the rock every game. I like your enthusiasm against the ravens. But throw in a couple turnovers that game and then what's the outcome?
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