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Chris Harris

I don't know that these problems can be fixed with coaching. Some of it, yeah, probably. But some of these 3rd and 17's, 3rd and 20's, it shouldn't matter what frickin defense you're in. Somebody make a frickin play. That's what it comes down to and we don't have enough Von Millers out there to get that done it seems.

Seriously, if Miller is not in this game, it's a blowout for the Pats, probably 45 to 21. But I will, for the millionth time, say that Mays is a huge weakness on this team and I so much want to get on Fox for continuing to play this guy but the guys behind him suck as well.

I have NO doubt that #1 goal for Elway this offseason is to both draft LB's and try to acquire a big time LB FA. No doubt.
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