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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
This is probably my biggest issue and concern with this FO. They should have upgraded the LB position this year, not next year. Re-signing Joe Mays has been a disaster.
only so much money in the budget dude.. spending 20 mil on a QB kind of dropped acquisitions for every spot we needed..

While I do not remember who was available at MLB in FA this year I suspect it was more than they wanted to play for them..

JDR is an EX LB IIRC an all pro he knows the position and how to coach it. I'm pretty sure that John did not give Mays the extension on a whim but after consulting with JDR and Fox.

I'm also guessing that if they did not want him he would not have been resigned..

the MLB did not lose that game last night nor the HOU or ATL game.. we simply got beat by a better team..and costly turn overs was probably the biggest cause..

we could not stop the off tackle runs some past miller, we could not stop Welker and that my friend is not Mays fault nor WWs.. That was lack of pressure from the front four which has been upgraded big time since last year as well as DB issues.. Anyone expecting a LB of any sort to stop Welker is smoking something..

Now I'm not sold on Mays myself but laying all the blame on him and WW for losing that game is silly..

Will there be an upgrade at LB in the off season absolutely because DJ will be gone (they may just coach up WW).. and maybe even a new MLB.. but for now we are what we are and I suspect that JDR will continue to work with Mays..
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