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Chris Harris

Maybe some of you guys didn't watch the game close enough. I thought McGahee ran hard and he squeezed out about as many yards as were there to be had. I'd say almost half of his yards were all on him. Yes his dropped pass was huge as was that fumble. How can you say it was garbage time when the Broncos had ALL the momentum at that point and if they score a TD, they have a chance to go onsides kick with a CHANCE to win the game. That's not garbage time by any means.

But anybody here saying McGahee isn't a good runner and playing well this season is a moron. I'm in no way excusing his crucial mistakes in this game but to suggest we need to start Hillman (who had a whopping 9 yards on 3 carries) is silly.

One more thing about our RB's. I would never let Ball run it. He can block ok and is decent in the pass game but the dude has no clue how to run the ball. For him, it's take the hand off, put your head down and run right into the back of the OL. I'd rather give his carries to Hillman.
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