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The Broncs have been just a little bit away from winning these games. Turnovers by the O of course, also the dropped INT's. Rahim, Adams, Harris have had clean INT chances they dropped. The window is small for Peyton and Champ, just too many mistakes to overcome so far in 2012. McGahee drops the 4th and 1 pass, fumbles again. Punting from the NE 39 yd line. Pooch kickoff.

Champ takes on #77 Nate Solder at the goal line, takes Solder's knee out and gets a hit on the RB which is textbook CB play, but there's nobody to back him up, Rahim doesn't know what the **** is going on, didn't even try to get a hit on the RB after Champ slows him up. Dawkins would have clobbered that RB. The LB's were all washed out of the play, couldn't fight through blocks. Denver just isn't all that good right now on D, coupled with mistakes by the O and coaching staff, and there we are at 2-3.
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