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It's a combination of many things (IMO).

#1 thing, people seem to forget this is the first year of a new D (for the 7th year in a row.) It takes a few years to learn/get people in place for a system. We have changed systems for 7 straight years. We had Champ as our only good player on D, now we have a few.

We have a new QB, 2nd year coach, and new system. Same as D, it takes years to get on same page/know system inside and out. If our O drives longer and scores more we keep D off the field. They don't get exhausted, and play better.

Look at our first 5 games, how many big plays did we give up because Mays, Porter, Moore, etc.. were out of position. You can't play 4 of the best QBs (4 of the best offenses too) in the game and play out of position. We have the toughest schedule in the NFL. If we can stay 4 and 4 or 3 and 4 we are in good shape. Team will grow/play better 2nd half as they learn/comfort improves.


Mike needs a big upgrade. I actually think Mays has played a lot better this year, but he isn't good enough to cover up lack of pass rush. We have to rush Von and get any pressure. That takes away 2 above average cover LBs. If we had a killer DT, that would help so much.

Need DT or to to push/rush QB. When you get killed for 200 yards rushing that opens up the pass game. Stop the rushing makes them 1 dimensional. Plus pass rush, see above Mike.

We need more Cover CBs/LBs, (the 3 teams that killed us on 3rd down, Atlanta, NE, and Pit..all have 2 good WRs and 1-2 good TEs. Don't have enough to cover them.)

again, just imo.

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