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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
I do ... we are getting better in several areas each game. And Manning and the Offense is starting to really click. Need some work on the run game and HOLDING ON TO THE DAMN BALL, but other than that things are looking very bright for the rest of this season on Offense and even as the whole team post the bye week.

I see us dropping maybe two of the remaining 10 after the bye. Possibly 3 and in either case will win the AFC west as long as we beat the Chargers in at least one of our head to head match ups and preferably sweep them.

There are no other teams on our remaining schedule with the fire power (other than Brees and NO perhaps and maybe a good day the Ravens) and with such precision well-oiled machinery to keep up with the kind of pace and efficiency at the no-huddle that Brady and company displayed yesterday.

And even then, our D made adjustments and helped make a game of it from mid-way through the 3rd quarter on, so they did adapt well enough for us to win, if and when, they can start with those adjustments a little sooner in the game.

That should come as this team continues to gel. Manning was awesome yesterday, he just didn't have enough chances and enough time on the field, but like I said, I don't see anyone else having THAT degree of success on us with the degree of ball control and efficient scoring offense on us
going forward at least not more that two more loses .. three tops!

If we continue to improve, even in just a couple areas,and keep pace offensively with the last couple of weeks production we will be fine the second half of the season when we are not playing top three teams every week.

In spite of the total failure of our D in the first half through much of the third quarter to get off the field on third down, we were still only one FUBAR fumble by McGahee and on onsides kick recovery (which we have been quite proficient at with Prader) away from never letting Brady back on the field and winning that game for real! The Pats D wasn't going to stop us in the fourth quarter, that's for sure.

We killed ourselves, the task now is improving on our dismal 3rd down Defense and reducing those killer ball-handing turn overs and we win that game yesterday, even with Brady and company hitting on all cylinders at their house!

Of course, if pigs could fly things would be peachy too, but the above two deficiencies ARE very amenable to correction and I trust both will be the core focus going forward.

Manning, the OLine with Kuper back and the rest of the offense is only going to get better.

I trust the D can similarly improve as well and even if they stay more of less like they have been the first five games, I still don't see many other teams beating us outside of the elite top 3 to 5 teams in this league at this point .. Not with Manning playing like this.

He won many AFC south division titles with defenses not much better than ours is now and he his starting to hit the same pace in passing prowess as he was in his glory years as well.

Fox and McCoy do have to be careful not to undermine our potential with sluggish far too conservative play calling.
As long as we have a special teams guy starting at MLB, the D will struggle.
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